Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bourbon St and the Subsiquent hangover

As the sun (yep your read right) set on a beautiful day here in New Orleans .We got oursleves ready to head out into the French Quarter and specifically Bourbon St to experience what this city is best known for .....hedonism.

It was all a bit much even at 10pm when we first arrived and Joss really needed to GO! we jumped into the first bar with Live music...turned out to be a great choice. Fritzel's was the place and the band playing last night were amazing..Uncle Barry on the banjo left Mark in Awe of his talent. Infact it was quite unnerving how much awe!!..They were playing the standard New Orleans Jazz that this city is known for but they did it better than we have seen so far.
The beer was equally great (Abita amber the local brew)and the atmosphere was amazing. .mainly due to the group of Germans giving it some on a table right by the bar.. making sure everyone was letting loose.

Bourbon St. Is the only place we have visited where Street drinking is not only allowed but encouraged. With every bar having a "Take Out" booth..And everyone walking around had, at least, one HUGE plastic glass of assorted Booze..The most common being the Hand Grenade..served up in a Bright Green handgrenade shaped beaker.
This drink scared us so much that we steered clear opting for a Hurricane instead..this beverage was equally scary.. but much less green..!

The main dragg is closed to traffic all weekend...But no-one seemed to notice the irony in this sign..(no pd eh!!..) and the whole place acts like it too!
After several bars listening to live music ranging from Jazz to Motown we eventually gave in to the urge to hear "beats" and ended up in a hazy place playing hip hop and booty bass. Where we saw some dancing normaly only seen in the rudest of hip-hop videos.
It was going off!!!!
After deciding to stay on the shorts we ordered a "medium" Rum and Coke..This round was crippling..not only on the wallet but phisically too. There was at least a quater bottle of rum in each glass..needless to say this is why the photo's are a little blurry..but adds to the whole feel of the street..

Gotta say this is the most racially integrated town we have encountered so far. Black and White all enjoying being out on the town..which goes to long as there is Booze,Music and Titties...the human race will see through it's prejudice.
Well done New Orleans for cracking this major issue which seems to be rife thoughout the rest of the country where integration is shunned by both sides.
Egg - o - meter: -8 for a blinding evening..without slaps ot the face by wierdos..lowering this morning however to a hungover but still minus -3

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